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Past Life Healing

Healing of Past Life Karma and negative energy clearing.

  • 1 hour
  • Starting at $249
  • Remotely

Service Description

One accumulates karma through their actions, deeds and thoughts. This is a spiritual principle of cause and effect. One's (cause) actions determines his or her future (effect). You harvest/reap what you sow. Over the period of time, karma hinders you from living your best life. Bad karma traps one in a negative pattern as you begin attracting accidents, obstacles and unnecessary blockages in your life. I work with the Archangels for a week to remove your karma and take out the trash that is holding you from progressing in your life. As your karma is released and taken to the Divine Light, your will start feeling lighter and positive opportunities may start popping in your life.

Contact Details


Toronto, ON, Canada

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